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My Supply List

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. Below you'll find a list of supplies that are essential in my fiber tool kit, I hope that it's a helpful resource for you! If you have any questions feel free to reach out. 

party beanie knitted hat
⋒ Knitting Needles 

My most used needles are US13 and US15. But I have them in about every size. Starting out, I bought needles individually and I really wish I would have purchased a set because I definitely spent more than I needed to. So if you plan to play around with different sizes, I highly suggest buying a set up front! Helpful tip: you can knit flat with circular needles (think scarves)..it weighs a lot less!

 DPNs (Double Pointed Needles) 
A must for knitting hats in the round, or anything in the round that has decreases. I would suggest wooden DPNs like these over metal ones because stitches fall off super easy. Alternatively, you can learn the Magic Loop method with circular needles and a long cord (think 30"+)!

⋒ Cable Needle 
Knitting cables are fun and look beautiful, you can certainly knit them without these needles, but if you're just getting started, I recommend using one.

 Crochet Hooks 
Similar to knitting needles, buy a set will save you money in the long run. My favorite hooks are the Clover Amour ones because they're light weight, ergonomic and hold up great. My most commonly used hook sizes are 6.0, 6.5, 7.0, 8.0

 Stitch Markers 
These are a must for knitting or crocheting in the round. I really love the locking ones as opposed to a fixed marker because you can add or remove them as needed.

 Darning/Tapestry Needle 
When you weave in your ends, a blunt needle with a large eye is going to make life a lot easier. Definitely go metal over plastic in this case.

You never regret having a nice pair of heavy duty scissors! I find myself using a pair similar to these fabric scissors. They really come in handy for thicker yarns and for making yarn pom poms, they are essential. For smaller fibers, I use embroidery scissors or these fiskars thread snips

 Pom Pom maker 
Making yarn pom poms are so fun, you can make them using cardboard or with one of these clever tools. They tend to come out more even and stable when using the pom maker. If you don't want to make your own pom poms, get some faux fur poms from Thread Head Fiber Arts.
 Yarn Winder + Swift 
If you're buying skeins of yarn, you'll definitely want a yarn ball winder to make the winding process seamless. It's also nice to have one for when you finish a project and have leftover yarn. It helps make the storing process a little neater. If you want to take it a step further, you could get a yarn swift for winding skeins.

 Fabric Shaver 
Having one of these gadgets will help extend the life of your knitwear, especially woolen knits. When you notice pilling, just give a gentle pass over with one of these and your piece will come out looking good as new. 



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